Institution’s strategy for the organisation and implementation of international cooperation projects [EN]

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Institution’s strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme.

In this new chapter of the Erasmus programme (2014-2020), our school wants to enhance the permanent teacher’s training through Erasmus mobility programmes, visiting enterprises and high education schools, increasing our European dimension and our teacher’s motivation.

To encourage our teacher to participate in these projects we suggest the following strategies:

  • To inform the teachers about the advantages of these kind of programmes to know new professional competences through the experiences, knowledge and procedures exchange with colleagues from other countries and the obvious personal enrichment.
  • Organize informative lectures among the school of our province that have participated in European projects in order to rouse teacher’s interest.
  • To offer our school as a hosting organization, able to arrange technical visits for European colleagues.
  • To let the teachers know that their participation in these sort of projects provides the recognition of their colleagues and acertificate.
  • Language is the main obstacle to develop the mobilites among our teachers. Several ways of improving this competence will be offered, such as English courses within the Erasmus programme. The English language department of our school will guide the teacher in their language adquisition.

The criteria for selecting the hosting organizations are the following:

  • Enterprises with a profile that adjust the teachers’ professional competences and fits the High National Certificate curriculum.
  • High tech enterprises and good reputation ones in the required fields.
  • Schools with similar educational offer.
  • Mainly, English speaking schools and enterprises.