Expected impact of your participation in the Programme [EN]

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Expected impact of your participation in the Programme on the modernisation of our institution in terms of the policy objectives you intend to achieve. 

The development of the Erasmus programme will help to increase the international projection of our school and to update our training offer as follows:

1.- Improvement of our student’s professional, linguistic and cultural competences, essential for their integration in the European labour market.

2.- A step forward in the image and importance of the vocational training in The Canary Islands labour market, providing well trained professionals, with experience and ready to work abroad.

3.- A better educational quality got through the teachers and students’ Erasmus mobilities, improving the teaching-learning process.

4.- Enrichment of the Canary companies staff with international experienced workers, essential in an ultra peripheral area, as The Canaries, that depends on the foreign trade.

5.- The participation of our school in the Erasmus programme provides the financial support needed for the international mobilities that would not have been possible on our own. Furthermore, we receive proper advice to fulfill them successfully.